Alice is Wade’s aunt and one of several renters of the trailer in which he lives. Although she takes in Wade after his mother Loretta dies, she is cruel and selfish, and keeps the food vouchers that the government gives her for Wade for herself and confiscated anything of value of his she sees. A drug addict, she had several common law relationships over the time Wade knew her, including one named Rick at the time of the novel. She is killed when IOI wires her trailer stack with explosives, hoping to kill Wade.

In the film, she isn't as cruel and selfish as depicted in the novel. She gives him a warning that if Wade were to use her stuff again, he is out of the house. When Wade realizes that IOI is planting bombs around her apartment, he tries to warn her over the phone. She wants to talk to Wade, but Rick refuses, telling him he never wants to hear his voice ever again. The bombs detonate, killing both Alice and Rick in a fiery explosion.

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