Archaide is a planet in the Oasis with a barren surface comprised of vector graphics (an old style of video game graphics used in the 80's to give a three dimensional effect to a game). The planet is in perpetual darkness and some of the only surface features are a large volcano (which stays to the north no matter where you are) and multiple entrances to the inner parts of the planet. The inside of the planet is mostly comprised of vintage arcade cabinets. Some Oasis users have come to the planet and have coded their childhood arcade gaming spots within Archaide. To navigate the inner parts of the planet a user has to go through different levels seemingly arranged by the age of the systems. Starting closest to the surface are the newest Cabinets and then the farther you go the older the games are. At the center are the games Tennis for Two and Space War!. This is also the planet where Parzival finds the Pizza Place/Arcade of Halliday's youth. This is the very arcade where Wade plays a perfect game of Pac-Man and wins a quarter with magical properties that give him one extra life. This magic item (also known as an artifact) is only able to be used once.


The vector-graphic appearance, perpetual night, and volcano forever on an infinitely distant horizon are all homages to the early 8-bit tank-battle coin-op Battlezone.

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