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The Basement is a private chat room owned and programmed by Aech.
As Aech's reputation amongst the OASIS community grew, the Basement became a highly exclusive hangout for elite Gunters. As Aech granted access only to people he deemed worthy, being invited to the Basement was considered to be a big honor.

The chat room is programmed to look like Ogden Morrow's old basement from his teenage years; a large suburban recreation room from the late 1980s. Old movie and comic book posters cover the room's wood-paneled walls. A vintage RCA television stands in the center of the room, hooked up to a Betamax VCR, a LaserDisc player, and several vintage videogame consoles (including an Intellivision). Three couches are arrayed in a U-shape in front of the TV.
Bookshelves line one far wall, filled with role-playing game supplements and back issues of Dragon magazine, while a row of old arcade games sit against another wall. An ancient stereo that plays music selected from a giant rack of vintage cassette tapes is also available in the room.


  • Hosting a chat room as large as the Basement is not cheap, however, Aech is able to sustain the room thanks to winnings from his PvP competitions.
  • A rendition of the Basement appears in the Ready Player One film as the lounge section of Aech's Garage.

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