Battlezone, sometimes styled Battle Zone (such as on the game's marquee), is a 1980 coin-op by Atari. The screen is viewed through a periscope-shaped aperture to simulate the view out of a real tank, with side windows to allow spectators to watch the action.

The gameplay consists initially of hunting down and shooting tanks of the same type as the one you are driving, whilst avoiding their shots. Occasionally, especially if you take too long to destroy a tank, you will face a missile; and as the game progresses, the tanks are replaced with another type which is faster than yours. For bonus points, you can hit a flying saucer; these do not show on the radar, but can be discovered by their distinctive sound.

The monitor is a black-and-white vector display, with a colored gel overlay making it mostly green, but red/orange in the message area. The terrain is presented as 3D and is strewn with blocks and pyramids which act as obstacles and can also be used as shields. There is also an infinitely distant horizon with an active volcano, and with a crescent moon hanging above it.


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