" My shoes. Black Chuck Taylor All Stars. They bestow their wearer with both speed and flight. "


Black Chuck Taylor All Stars are identical to their real life counterpart; manufactured by Converse, they were found and used by Art3mis until her demise at the hands of the Cataclyst. Parzival, having survived the detonation, finds them in the wreckage and uses the shoes to gain access to the Third Gate. The artifact was returned to her when Parzival, having gained administrative powers over OASIS, resurrects Art3mis, Aech, and Shoto's avatars, alongside all their items.


There are no requirements to use this artifact; an avatar who uses these shoes is granted great speed and flight. Parzival used them to fly up to the Third Gate while it was suspended in mid air as a result of the Castle Anorak around it having been destroyed.

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