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Classification OASIS Planet
Location Sector 10

Chthonia is a planet in the OASIS coded by James Halliday himself. Situated in Sector 10, Chthonia is a re-creation of the fantasy world James Halliday created originally for his high-school Dungeons and Dragons campaigns before moving on to also use the world in many of his early video games.


In the first few years of the Hunt, Gunters had swarmed like hungry insects to any OASIS location that seemed like a possible hiding place for the three keys, specifically planets originally coded by Halliday himself. Chief among these was the planet Chthonia, a painstaking re-creation of the fantasy world Halliday had created for his high-school Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and also the setting of many of his early videogames. Chthonia had become the gunters' Mecca. Like everyone else, Wade Watts felt obligated to make a pilgrimage to the planet and visit Castle Anorak. But the castle was impregnable and always had been. No avatar but Anorak himself had ever been able to pass through its entrance until the location of the Crystal Key was revealed and Nolan Sorrento was able to enter the castle while in possession of the key.

While initially keeping the location of the final gate within the castle a secret, IOI encamped Castle Anorak shortly after Parzival was announced to have found the Crystal Key.

Locales and Residents


Reality Columbus - Oklahoma City

Innovative Online Industries - Oology Division - Room 4211 - Stacks - Wade's Secret Hideout

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