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" Chthonia, a painstaking re-creation of the fantasy world Halliday had created for his high-school Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and also the setting of many of his early videogames. Chthonia had become the gunters’ Mecca. "
–Parzival, pg 243

Chthonia (Called Planet Doom in the film adaptation) is a planet located in Sector 10, and was created by James Halliday during the early days of the OASIS. It is home to Castle Anorak, and the hiding place of the Third Gate. In the novel and the film, the Sixers use the Cataclyst to stop Parzival, Art3mis, Aech and Shoto from entering the Third Gate, and in the process, destroy Casle Anorak, which (up until this point) had proven itself to be indestructible. After Parzival clears the Third Gate and wins Halliday's Easter Egg Hunt, the planet and castle revert back (even though the OASIS Server Clock hadn't struck midnight).

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