Clover — also known as the Cloverfield Monster — are a species of gargantuan amphibious lifeforms that are known to have two nests on the planet Earth, one in the Atlantic Ocean and another in the Pacific Ocean. They were unknown to mankind until very recently. It is believed that each egg may take thousands of years to hatch, as the only known example of the species — an infant nicknamed many times including Clover —, was thousands of years old by the time of its obliteration of New York City. While all information on their species is gathered strictly from the events of Project: Cloverfield, it is assumed that all or a significant portion of their species are covered in back - orientated parasites known as HSPs which are deadly to lifeforms far smaller than the Cloverfield monsters, themselves.


In a deleted scene Clover can be briefly seen battling against King Kong during the race for the Copper Key.

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