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Distracted Globe
Classification OASIS Locale
Location Neonoir

The Distracted Globe is a famous zero-gravity dance club on the planet Neonoir in Sector Sixteen of the OASIS.

Created and owned by Ogden Morrow, the "Globe" is located at the western-hemisphere intersection of two brightly lit streets that stretched completely around the planet along its equator and prime meridian (known respectively as "The Boulevard" and "The Avenue"). One of the reasons why the Globe was considered so hip and exclusive was because it was located within a PvP zone, one where both magic and technology functioned. So attendees ran the risk of being ganked and PvPed while they partied.

The club itself is a massive cobalt blue sphere, three kilometers in diameter, floating thirty meters off the ground. A floating crystal staircase led up from the street to the club's only entrance, a circular opening at the bottom of the sphere.
The interior of the sphere was completely hollow. The moment an individual passed through the entrance the laws of gravity changed so that, no matter where they walked, the individual's avatar always adhered to the sphere's curved interior "wall" which served as the club's bar and lounge area. The open space at the center of the sphere served as the club's zero-gravity "dance floor" which could only be reached if an individual jumped "up" From the bar and lounge area and fly/float to the center of the sphere.
In the exact middle of the sphere, at the center of the zero-gravity "dance floor" was a clear bubble suspended in open space. This was the club's DJ booth filled with turntables, mixers, decks and dials.


Known to be frequented by "twinked-out wannabe-gunter uberdorks", the dance club was famous for hosting Ogden Morrow's annual birthday party celebration; wherein Ogden Morrow himself would come out of hiding to host the party.

Og's birthday was an evening packed with celebrities- movie stars, musicians and celebrities.

In celebration of Ogden's 73rd birthday, High Five was invited but only Art3mis and Parzival showed due to the other three being otherwise preoccupied or unwilling to enter a PvP zone.

Locales and Residents

  • R2-D2 (Resident DJ)
  • The Great and Powerful Og


  • While attending the annual birthday party, Parzival wore a classic 80s-era attire light gray suit, exactly like the one Peter Weller wore in Buckaroo Banzai complete with red bow tie and vintage white adidas high-tops. While Art3mis wore a gunmetal blue evening dress that looked like it was spray painted on. Her avatar's dark hair was styled in a pageboy cut, perfectly framing her gorgeous face.
  • In the novel, Wade mentions a number of songs being played during his time inside the club with Art3mis. These songs include:
    • New Order - Blue Monday '88 Remix (1983)
    • Duran Duran - Union of the Snake (1983)
    • Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (1976)
    • Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Dance Mix) (1983)
    • Cyndi Lauper - Time after Time (1984)
    • L.A. Style - James Brown is Dead (1991)

Distracted Globe
The Distracted Globe.jpeg
Classification OASIS Planet

The Distracted Globe is a planet in OASIS that seems to function as a singular massive dance club.


James Halliday built the Distracted Globe shortly after his first and only date with Karen Underwood who loved dancing. Halliday most likely built it to take Karen on a dancing date, but they never had a second date.

Parzival and Art3mis visited here because Art3mis believed the Distracted Globe to be the most likely location referenced by the clue for the second challenge, believing that since Halliday created it for Karen, he hated it when he wasn't able to have a date with her here and "the leap not taken" referred to the anti-gravity dance floor. Though this turned out to be a false lead, Parzival and Art3mis had fun dancing before being attacked by I-r0k and an army of Sixers. Using Parzival's Zemeckes Cube, they managed to escape. Before the attack, Parzival revealed his real name of Wade to Art3mis which was overheard by I-r0k, enabling him to identify Parzival for Nolan Sorrento. Parzival also revealed his love for Art3mis who rejected him as she felt he didn't see her for who she truly was and wouldn't love her if he did and her belief that he didn't live in reality.

Locales and Residents


Behind the Scenes

Differences from Novel


  • Many characters are seen inside the Distract Globe in the film including:
  • Ships present heading towards the Distracted Globe are:
    • The Vonnegut (visually based on the Serenity from Firefly)
    • TIE Fighter, Imperial Shuttle, Slave I and X-Wing from Star Wars
    • Vipers from Battlestar Galactica
    • Kushan Mothership, Vaygr Scout, Taiidan Bomber and Taiidan Scout from Homeworld.
  • Songs heard in the Distracted Globe:
    • Blue Monday by New Order
    • Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees

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