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" Halliday had written in Anorak's Almanac that Dungeons of Daggorath was the game that made him decide he wanted to become a videogame designer. "


Dungeons of Daggorath is one of the first realtime action first-person perspective role-playing video games. It was produced by DynaMicro for the Tandy (RadioShack) TRS-80 Colour Computer in 1982.

The game was written by Douglas J. Morgan and Keith S. Kiyohara, with sounds by Phil Landmeier, in 1980-81. It was released as a ROMpak cartridge for the Colour Computer, which limited the size of the code to eight kilobytes, which took several months of recoding to achieve. Despite this, the game features a multi-level maze and has what for the time were advanced sound effects that provide important clues to the location of the first gate.

Ready Player One History

In order to access the First Gate, an OASIS avatar must insert the game into a TRS-80 computer located in Middletown and complete the main story.