The Omni Consumer Products SystemsEnforcement Droid, Series 209, known for short as simply ED-209, is a law enforcement robot created by Omni Consumer Products. The project was initially attempting to supplant human cops, who suffered from limitations when in action. They constantly required meals and water, as well as sleep. While in a demonstration of the ED-209's capabilities in law enforcement, the first model malfunctioned disastrously and killed Kinney, who was persuaded to hold a gun at the robot. The unit was later repaired and used by Bob Morton to fend off Robocop, who had, through rigorous torture, extracted a confession from Clarence Boddicker that Morton was responsible for the atrocities in the movie. While Robocop was no match for the 209, he managed to lure it onto a stairwell, and incapable of dealing with such terrain, the unit fell down a level, where it lay on its back, unable to move.

A new machine was later acquired and used to protect the Omni Consumer Headquarters against intruders during a conference towards the movie's conclusion. This unit was subsequently blown into half by Robocop with a Cobra assault cannon acquired from Boddicker and his gang.


It can be seen in Aech's garage.

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