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The Elites, also known by their real name of the Sangheili, are the main antagonists of the Halo series, being the citizens of the Covenant Empire who start war with the humans. Various Elites (including their counterparts the Arbiters) appear in the movie adaptation of Ready Player One.


The Elite resembles hulking, humanoid reptiles, with clawed fingers, two fingers, digitigraded legs, and a "split-lipped" mouth. Most Elite seen in the Halo series are seen wearing plated armor of different colors.

Role in Ready Player One

A silver-plated Elite (possibly a Ultra variant of the species) is seen in the beginning of the movie, during the Copper Key race, piloting the A-Team Van. The same silver-plated Elite is seen in Master Chief's clan, aiding Parzival in the final battle. Like his OASIS companions, he gets zeroed out by the Cataclyst.


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