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Classification OASIS Player Stronghold
Location Sector 14

Falco is a player-owned Player Stronghold located within the OASIS.
Designed and owned by Parzival shortly after moving to Columbus, Falco was the cheapest planetoid he could find and purchased the asteroid to serve as his base of operations during the Hunt.

From the command center, which was located under an armored dome embedded in the rocky surface of the asteroid, the player had a sweeping 360-degree view of the surrounding cratered landscape, stretching to the horizon in all directions although it only a few square kilometers of surface area. The rest of the stronghold was below ground, in a vast subterranean complex that stretched all the way to the asteroid's core.

In the command center, the command console had a bank of security monitors on the left that were linked to virtual cameras placed throughout the interior and exterior of the stronghold. To the right was another bank of monitors displaying all of Wade's favorite news and entertainment video feeds. Among these included his own channel "Parzival-TV--Broadcasting obscure eclectic crap, 24-7-365". Another monitor was tuned to Art3mis' channel; "Art3mivision".

Linked by a star trek turbo lift. The stronghold's armory was four levels below the command center, while the hangar is located lower down at the bottom level of the base.


Locales and Residents


  • The asteroid's original designation, before it was renamed to "Falco", was S14A316.
  • Falco is named after an Austrian rapper, of whom Parzival says he is not a fan, but the name sounded cool.
  • When a player owned their own world, they could build whatever they wanted there and no one could visit it unless they granted them access, something Wade never gave anyone.
  • Art3mis' stronghold is a small palace on Benatar; the small moon she owned.

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