First Gate
Poster for WarGames, the movie that an OASIS avatar is required to complete a Flicksync of in order to complete the First Gate
Location Information
Name First Gate
Planet Middletown



The First Gate is the first of three gates which must be cleared to win Halliday's Easter Egg Hunt. Once inside, the player must complete a Flicksync of the movie WarGames, reciting dialogue as Matthew Broderick's character, David. Completing the movie yields the player the riddle for the Jade Key.

Ready Player One

An OASIS avatar can only enter the first gate if they have acquired a copy of the Copper Key. They must complete the main story of Dungeons of Daggorath by placing the game into a TRS-80 computer, which will transform the War Games poster in the bedroom into the First Gate. Opening the gate with the Copper Key will unlock it, and grant the avatar access to what lies beyond.

The First Gate is located in the OASIS on the planet Middletown, a re-creation of James Halliday's hometown which he copied identically across the planet's surface. In each copy of Halliday's childhood bedroom is a TRS-80 Color Computer, a copy of the game Dungeons of Daggorath, and a WarGames poster. The Flicksync of WarGames, however, exists outside of the scope of the OASIS and is a standalone simulation (off the map).


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In the film, the First Gate does not exist despite Halliday mentioning three gates in his announcement. Instead, once the player gets the Copper Key, the clue to the second challenge rises from a nearby fire hydrant. Despite this, later in the film, Parzival is stated to have already gotten past the First Gate, suggesting that maybe the Gate was the finish line for the Racetrack.

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