The tablet is said to be "a flat circle of polished black stone", and was sold at auction for almost two million credits. Nolan Sorrento made the bid within the last few seconds of the auction in order to announce the new ownership of the tablet.


Once every 24 hours, an avatar can write the name of another OASIS avatar on the tablet, and the tablet will tell the user the location of the written avatar. The tablet has limitations, however, in that it cannot pinpoint the exact location of a user and is limited by their distance from the avatar they want to find. If the user is in a different sector from the target, the Tablet will only reveal the sector of the target. If the user is in the same sector, the tablet would display what planet the user was on. Finally, if the user is on the same planet as the target, the Tablet will present a map, coordinates included, of the target.

In the film, the tablet is somewhat redundant, as shown at the start of the movie, Parzival shows that he can locate his friends (Aech's) position, simply by saying "Locate (insert friend name here)"


The Tablet makes a cameo in the Shroud of the Avatars video game; permission was granted by Ernest Cline to use the name of the artifact in their game.

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