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A Gunter, a contraction of "Egg Hunter", is an OASIS user who searches for Halliday's Easter Egg.


Gunters are players in the OASIS, using Haliday's writings before he died. Gunters look for the secret Haliday Easter Egg in an Egg Hunt.


  • "Guntorrent" was a file sharing program used by Gunters to obtain files that were not legally available for free.


  • An unspoken rule among gunters is if you were a solo, you didn't want or need help, from anyone. Gunters who wanted help joined a clan. Aech and Wade both agreed that clans were for "suck-asses and poseurs". Both vowing to remain solos for life.
  • "Canon" is a term used by Gunters to classify any movie, book, game, song or TV show of which Halliday was known to have been a fan.
  • You were not taken seriously amongst the Gunter community unless you were at least level 10. Anything below and you were considered a newbie, even if you started as a hunter from the very beginning of the hunt (like Wade).
  • Four of the largest gunter clans are The Oviraptors, Clan Desiny, the Key Masters and Team Banzai.
  • Leveling up an avatar is known amongst Gunters as "making the climb to ninety-nine".

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