A Gunter Clan is a group of gunters that work together to try and find the egg. If a gunter in a gunter clan finds the egg, the proceeds are split among the people in the clan. As stated in the book, these people are bound together by an ironclad agreement.

Every year, there is a tournament among the biggest gunter clans, called "Eighty-Six the Sux0rz", and the winning clan would receive a big prize

After getting the first key, Wade is invited to join the Ovi-raptors, Clan Destiny, the Key Masters and Team Banzai. These are four of the biggest Gunter clans (in size/members or power).

When IOI sets up the force-field on Ludus the big clans join forces to assault the Sixers and reach the first key. (Ovi-raptors, Clan Destiny, Key Masters and Team Banzai and presumably among those that fight). They send out all they had, including RPGs, missiles, rockets, and harsh language. Eventually, the biggest clans pooled their resources and bought two anti-matter bombs on eBay, which takes down both force fields.

At Castle Anorak, on Chthonia, Parzival calls all gunters in the world to help take down the Sixers. The biggest clans arrive with their full force and might to take down the Sixer army.

Known Clans

  • The Ovi-raptors
  • Clan Destiny
  • The Key Masters
  • Team Banzai
  • The High Five (unofficially)


In the movie, Parzival is unassociated with any clan as he wishes to win the Easter egg for himself. While talking with Art3mis, she assumes Parzival and Aech are part of a clan together, but Parzival corrects this assumption.

After Parzival, Art3mis, Aech, Daito and Sho win the first challenge, they are unofficially grouped together into a clan called the High Five by other gunters. As the movie goes on, they begin working together, particularly on the second challenge and introduce themselves as the High Five before the final battle on Planet Doom. After winning the Easter egg, Wade identifies the High Five as his clan and states to Ogden Morrow that he wishes to share control of the OASIS with them, something Ogden finds to be a good choice.


  • The 'Ovi-raptors' clan name references a dinosaur associated with egg stealing. The name transaltes to 'egg taker' or "egg stealer' in Latin.
  • 'Banzai' is a traditional Japanese battle cry and also means a fierce attack. It is possible that this clan is Japanese.
  • 'Key Masters' is possibly a reference to the arcade game Key Master, a variation of the claw machine.
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