" When the Science Patrol encountered a threat they couldn't handle on their own, Hayata would use an alien device called a Beta Capsule to transform into an alien super-being known as Ultraman. Then he would proceed to kick the monster-of-the-week's ass, using all sorts of kung-fu moves and energy attacks. "


The Beta Capsule is obtained by completing the Shodai Urutoraman (Original Ultraman) quest in Planet Tokusatsu, which comprises the original 39 episodes of the Ultraman television series. Parzival, Daito, and Shoto completed the quest and were granted with the Beta Capsule. Daito wanted to sell the capsule and split the profit, Shoto wanted to give it to Parzival who had found the quest, but Parzival wanted Daito and Shoto to keep the Capsule, seeing how Ultraman was a famous Japanese hero and that the Beta Capsule belonged in Japanese hands.

After Daito's demise, both digitally and physically, Shoto returned the capsule to Parzival, knowing that he would be able to exact vengeance on IOI. During the Battle of Castle Anorak, Shoto was killed by Nolan Sorrento piloting Mechagodzilla, prompting Parzival to activate the Beta Capsule and kill Sorrento's OASIS avatar.


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By pressing the red button located on the Capsule, an OASIS user can transform into the incredibly powerful Ultraman for three minutes. If an avatar fails to deactivate the capsule within the three minute time period, their avatar would die. The Beta Capsule also has a cooldown period that only allows it to be used once every 24 hours. Any other abilities granted by this item are associated with Ultraman, and not with the capsule.

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