I-r0k is a minor character and is the embodiment of the typical griefer.

Wade Watts finds him extremely obnoxious and immature. In the beginning of Ready Player One, Wade calls him a poseur in the Basement. I-r0k frequently comments on Wade's lack of wealth, once calling him "Captain-No-Credits" and suggesting that he should be out panhandling.

After Wade and Aech find the Copper Key, I-r0k makes an attempt to blackmail them. He tells them via e-mail that he will post their information on every known gunter forum unless he's given information about the key and the First Gate. After Wade and Aech refuse to give him any information, he goes through with his threat. At first, I-r0k's plan to blackmail the two gunters seems to fizzle as he couldn't prove that he actually knew them; however, Wade and Aech believe that I-r0k's forum posts tipped off Nolan Sorrento and the Sixers to finding the first key on Ludus.

Real Life

I-r0k, whose real name is never revealed, is likely close in age to Wade and Aech. He attended the same virtual school on Ludus as Aech did.


In the movie, I-r0k has a larger role and appears as a sort of arms dealer and mercenary associated with Nolan Sorrento and acts as the film's secondary antagonist. At Sorrento's request, he gets the Orb of Osuvox for him and chases Parzival, managing to learn his first name during a fight in the Distracted Globe dance club. Though defeated, I-r0k identifies Wade for Sorrento, allowing him to attack Wade in the real world.

During the final battle, I-r0k activates the Orb for Sorrento and assures him that it will hold, only to be shocked when the force field is shut down by Art3mis. During the battle, I-r0k destroys a bridge to keep Parzival and Sho from crossing and attacks the Iron Giant piloted by Aech. I-R0k's right arm is cut off by Sho with his Krull glaive, causing I-r0k to flee with coins spilling from his body.

During the final confrontation, I-r0k holds Sho hostage and is shocked to discover that Sorrento intends to actually detonate the Cataclyst, something that I-R0k had thought to be a bluff. Worried about losing the ten years of stuff he has collected that is inside of him, I-r0k flees towards the remaining escape portal chased by Sho. Before he can reach it, Sorrento activates the Cataclyst which destroys the portal before I-r0k can reach it and zeros him out, leaving a large pile of coins and items, everything that I-r0k had collected in ten years.


  • I-r0k's name is probably a pun on the boast "I rock" ("I excel at this"). The spelling (lower case r, zero instead of O, no c) is a typical "leet" spelling.
  • I-r0k's appearance is supposed to resemble Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. His personality is somewhat like Boba Fett's (even using the term "as you wish" in the film).
  • I-r0k's real name is never revealed.
  • After Parzival is able to rally an army on Planet Doom, I-r0k appears to show a moment of respect for him, telling Nolan Sorrento that "no man is a failure as long as he has friends" (a quote from It's a Wonderful Life).

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