" But not me. I wasn’t going anywhere. I was stranded on Ludus, the most boring planet in the entire OASIS. "



Ludus is a planet in OASIS and is the location of the Tomb of Horrors where the Copper Key can be found. It is a non-PVP zone and home to hundreds of public schools. Each school is identical, due to the copy and pasting of the construction code. The schools are separated by green fields, landscaped parks, rivers, meadows, and sprawling template-generated forests. The inside of the school is designed with cathedral-like classrooms, zero-gravity gymnasiums, marble hallways, and virtual libraries containing a vast amount of school-board–approved books.

Once it became known that the Tomb of Horrors was on Ludus, resulting in vast swarms of gunters and Sixers heading there, the planet was abandoned as an educational planet and the schools relocated to Ludus II, an identical copy except that it did not have a Tomb of Horrors.

Battle of Ludus

Upon Artemis, Parzival, and Aech finding the copper key, I-r0k posts on forums that both Parzival and Aech are students on Ludus. Not only do Shoto and Daito connect the Tomb of Horrors clue, but the Sixers do to. Almost the entire Sixer army converges on the Tomb of Horrors, and surround it with two force fields. Whenever Sixers wanted to enters, the force fields would lower in succession, like an airlock.

The biggest gunter clans catch wind of this and shoot bullets, grenades, rocket launchers, nukes, and harsh language at the force fields. After a bit of shooting, and no damage to the force field, the clans purchase two very expensive anti-matter bombs and blow up both shields. The gunter clans, unaffected by the blasts from the no-pvp zone, charge into the Tomb. Both Sixers and Gunters crowded to challenge the Lich to earn themselves a copy of the copper key.

Students and Teachers

OASIS Public School #1873



OASIS Public School #1172


Unknown School


  • In ancient Roman culture, the Latin word ludus (plural ludi) has several meanings within the semantic field of "play, game, sport, training".
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