The M41A Pulse Rifle is a firearm available in the OASIS.


The M41A Pulse Rifle hails from James Cameron's Aliens, as an assault rifle used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps of the late 22 century. It was a select-fire weapon, capable of 4 round bursts for ammo conservation and of course, the use of full automatic fire for it's primary fire mode. The primary ammunition of the gun consists of a 10×24mm Caseless M309 standard light armored piercing round, designed to explode after penetrating armor. It's cyclical rate of fire consists of up to 900 rounds per minute, with an effective range of up to 500 meters and a maximum range of 2,100 meters. The length of the rifle is 69.5 cm with the stock retracted and 84.0 cm with the stock extended.

The rifle possesses a counter on one side, depending on the variant. The original model used one that was on the right and could be loaded up to 99 rounds, but rather loaded up to 95 rounds. The secondary of the weapon can also vary, but that's only with later variations. The original weapon sported a powerful U1 grenade launcher, firing from a tubular magazine of 4 rounds. A secondary trigger system is built into the lower part of the weapon, right above the magazine well. The launcher possesses a pump-action loading system, chambering 30×71mm grenades.

Ready Player One (2018 Film)

Art3mis wielded one of these rifles throughout the movie as her primary weapon, alongside the Lawgiver II.


  • The weapons used in the design of the M41A Pulse Rifle are in fact that of a Thompson M1A1, with a Remington 870 shotgun serving as the underslung grenade launcher.
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