hoverboard is a Hover converted board shaped vehicle similar to a skateboard. They were manufactured in 2015 for all age ranges by different companies. Mattel made pink and orange models with handlebars for young children. Other companies made more aggressive boards, that were used by gangs in some instances, including the No Tech series, the Rising Sun, the Question Mark, and the Pit Bull, a rocket-fired board with three attachments for other riders on similar boards.

Hoverboards worked similarly in principle to skateboards in that they needed momentum by the rider and most would become useless in terrain not suited for them, i.e. water, ice and other low traction surfaces, save for the more powerful Pit Bull model.

There was a sign by the pond in Courthouse Square which clearly read NO HOVERBOARDINGGriff Tannen and his gang were presumably also charged with violating this local ordinance, as well as causing serious damage to the front of the Hill Valley Courthouse, which they crashed straight into during their hoverboard pursuit of Marty.

According to the Newsline column on the front page of the October 22, 2015 issue of USA Today1, a Border Collie music video star called Maddy, who could ride a hoverboard, had her own one hour television special on Canine Sports Network that evening. It was also announced in the column that in 2016, hoverboards would be "lighter and thinner", but they still wouldn't work on water.

Unlike the hovering board from the movie, the public perceives a hoverboard to be an electrically powered vehicle, which looks a lot like a skateboard, but rolls on two wheels2.


Marty McFly's Hoverboard can be seen in Aech's room when Parzival tries his outfits.

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