Classification OASIS Planet
Location Sector 7

Middletown is a small planet located in Sector 7 named after the hometown of James Halliday in Ohio. The planet was the site of 256 meticulous re-creations of Halliday's hometown as it existed in the late 1980s.

Coded by Halliday himself, he spent years coding and refining it, with each re-creation built 25 miles away from each other. The towns reminded Wade Watts of the town in Footloose; small, rural and sparsely populated. The houses all seemed incredibly big and were placed ridiculously far apart.

Halliday's house was on Cleveland Avenue; a modest two-story colonial with red vinyl siding. Two late-70s sedans were parked in the driveway; one of them up on cinder blocks. The one not on blocks was a 1982 Ford Thunderbird. In the real world every house on Cleveland Avenue was later demolished in the late 90s and replaced with a strip mall.

Locales and Residents


  • It was well known amongst gunters that one of the most detailed and accurate parts of Middletown was the re-creation of Halliday's boyhood home.
  • Middletown was a PvP zone.
  • It was always a perfect late-autumn afternoon circa 1986 on the planet.
  • Trans-Ams, Dodge Omnix, IROC Z28s and K-cars drove down the streets.

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