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Classification OASIS Planet
Location Sector 16

Neonoir is a Cyberpunk-themed world in Sector 16 created by Ogden Morrow in the early days of the OASIS.

While there were hundreds of cyberpunk-themed worlds spread throughout the OASIS, Neonoir was one of the largest and oldest. Seen from orbit, the planet was a shiny onyx marble covered in overlapping spiderwebs of pulsating light. It was always night on Neonoir, the world over, and its surface was an uninterrupted grid of interconnected cities packed with impassibly large skyscrapers. Its skies were filled with a continuous stream of flying vehicles whirring through the vertical cityscapes and the streets below teemed with leather-clad NPCs and mirror-shaded avatars, all sporting high-tech weaponry and subcutaneous implants as they spouted city-speak straight out of Neuromancer.

Locales and Residents


  • Neonoir was a PvP zone, one where both magic and technology functioned.
  • Neonoir does not exist in the Ready Player One film. Instead the Distracted Globe became its own planet instead of simply being a club on a planet like in the novel.

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