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The Planet Doom in the movie

Planet Doom is one of the planets of the Drule Empire. In the Voltron: Defender of the Universe series, the planet was ruled by King Zarkon.


In the movie, it's the location of the Crystal Key and of the third and final gate.

List of Cameo seen in the battle

  • Weaponized Scorpions from UltraBots
  • The Knights on Ostriches from Joust
  • Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Duke Nukem from Duke Nukem
  • Man-Bat (Arkham Variant) and Deadshot from DC Comics
  • E. Honda and Chun-Li from Street Fighter
  • Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th
  • Scorpion and Kitana from Mortal Kombat
  • Jim Raynor from Heroes Of The Storm and Starcraft II
  • A Hydralisk and a Zergling from Starcraft
  • A Berserker from Gears Of War



In the opening scene of the movie, Planet Doom is stated to be in Sector 12. Later in the film its stated to be in Sector 14. However it is entirely possible that the PVP fight and Castle Anorak happen on different Variants of Planet Doom, with the PVP Match with the Trenches and Pyramids being Sector 12 and Castle Anorak and the Snow Terrain being Sector 14