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Name Samantha Evelyn Cook
Oasis Name Art3mis
Age 22
Gender Female
Occupation Gunter, Blogger
Debut Ready Player One

Samantha Cook (OASIS username Art3mis) is a famous Gunter and a member of the High Five. While initially a friendly rival, Wade Watts quickly became infatuated with her and she was forced to end their burgeoning relationship as it was starting to distract them from their quest for Halliday's Egg.

A knowledgeable Gunter and skilled gamer in her own right, Samantha is the writer of "Arty's Missives", a blog dedicated to recording her research and musing during her search for Halliday's egg.


Art3mis is intelligent, brave, kind, spunky, independent, selfless, funny, and bold. She is extremely knowledgeable of "gunter" culture. Art3mis is fiercely protective of her freedom and doesn't like to rely on anyone else — especially when it comes to gunting. Furthermore, Art3mis doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve; while Wade confesses his undying love for her, she remains hesitant and cautious, believing online romance to be impossible. Her refusal to return that four-letter word to Wade implies that she's motivated by her goals as a gunter as opposed to those as a love-hungry teenager.

She may succumb to her feelings after the final battle, but it's important to note that she refused to meet with Wade beforehand. This decision indicates her values, as if to say, "let's get the job done first."


When they first met inside the Tomb of Horrors on Ludus, Wade describes Art3mis' avatar as a stocky female avatar with raven hair, styled Joan-of-arc short, appearing in her late teens or early twenties. She had a pretty face: hazel eyes, a pointy chin, rounded cheekbones, and a perpetual smirk. He also adds that her features look realistic, in comparison to the other avatars, as if her actual face had been scanned into OASIS as a skin.

During their first encounter, Art3mis wore a suit of scaled gunmetal-blue armour that looked more sci-fi than fantasy. Twin blaster pistols were slung low on her hips in quick-draw holsters, with a long, curve elvish sword in a scabbard across her back. She wore fingerless Road Warrior-style racing gloves and a par of classic Ray-Ban shades. A mid-80s post-apocalyptic cyberpunk girl-next-door look.

In the real world Samantha is a 19 year old girl who looks nearly identical to her OASIS avatar with the exception of a birthmark, a port-wine stain, on the left side of her face which she attempts to cover with her hair.
The file also mentions that she is 5'7" (1.7 m) and 168 lb (76 kg).

lived in Pacific Northwest. Possessed an ability to transform into a mermaid. She utilized this ability in the zero-gravity environment of Distracted Globe.


Art3mis first meets Wade in the Tomb of Horrors after he beats the lich-king Acererak at a game of Joust and wins the Copper Key. Art3mis and Wade strike up a conversation which unfortunately results in Art3mis finding out about Wade's win. This is a shock especially since Wade lied and told her that he lost at Joust. She begins to ramble about how for long she's had the tomb to herself. She locks Wade in the tomb to slow down his escape. While waiting for the server to reset, they discuss what they would do if they won the contest. The server resets, and Wade departs.

Later, Art3mis, Wade, Daito and Shoto are invited to Aech's basement to discuss the Sixer's actions which results in Daito and Shoto leaving.

Wade and Art3mis start talking and socializing with each other, eventually going out on dates. However when Wade confesses his love for her at Ogden Morrow's 72nd birthday party at the Distracted Globe, she dumps him so they can stop spending so much time together and buckle down for the quest. Just then, the Sixers attack and the two barely survive until Og intervenes and destroys the Sixers. After that, Art3mis breaks off all contact with Wade. She later finds the Jade Key.

Wade later finds out more about Art3mis after he hacks IOI and finds files on all of his friends in the "threat assessments" folder.

Wade meets Art3mis, Aech and Shoto in the basement (Daito isn't there because IOI made a successful attempt on his life). There he tells them about how they are going to destroy the Sixer's shield on the 3rd Gate. Og takes them tp his house in Oregon where they execute the plan.

Gunters across the OASIS rally on Chthonia. Art3mis, Aech, Wade and Shoto find their way to the 3rd Gate but before they can open it, the Sixers activate the Cataclyst, which kills off every gunter across the OASIS including Aech, Art3mis and Shoto. But Wade survives as he has gained and extra life. Art3mis, Aech and Shoto help him overcome the challenges andd he wins the contest.

Wade and Art3mis meet in real-life where Art3mis apologizes for breaking up with him and they kiss.


  • Art3mis' contact card is a vintage Kenner Star Wars action figure blister pack. The figure is a crude plastic rendering of her avatar. On the back of the card was links to her blog, email and phone line.
  • Art3mis' vidfeed channel was Art3mivision
  • Art3mis' Player Stronghold was a small palace on Benatar; the small moon she owned.


In the book, Art3mis is armed with blaster pistols, body armor, plasma powers and an elvish sword, which Wade thought might be vorpal. She also carries with her healing potions, as well as several magical spells like the Cure Serious Wounds Spells and Barrier Spell.


  • She is named after Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt.
  • Art3mis was a level 52 warrior/mage when she first met Wade in the Tomb of Horrors.
  • She often runs into noobs who pronounce her name as "Art-Three-Miss".
  • Wade often calls her "Arty".
  • Wade notes that her laugh is honest, genuine and involves a fair amount of snorting.
  • Toward the end of the novel, it is revealed that her former address is 2206 Greenleaf Lane, Vancouver, British Columbia. Her former house is also described as small and suburban.
  • After becoming a couple, Wade and Samantha decided that That "Space Age Love Song" was their song and would often play it while they talked or had sex.
  • According to the second novel, Wade reveals that Samantha is the only person who is ever able to make him laugh.

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Name Samantha Evelyn Cook
Oasis Name Art3mis
Age 18
Gender Female
Occupation Gunter, Blogger
Debut Ready Player One (film)
Actor Olivia Cooke



In the film, the hair of Art3mis's avatar is pink instead of black.


Art3mis meets Wade after he saved her from getting destroyed by King Kong. He takes her to Aech's garage where while her bike is getting fixed, they strike up a conversation. wade obtains the Copper Key but does not tell her how.

Art3mis and Wade supposedly crack the Jade Key riddle and visit the Distracted Globe to find it. However, their lead was false but they had fun dancing there. Wade confesses his love for her but she does not dump him. However, he reveals his name, allowing the Sixers to quickly find and attack the two of them. The battle is won and they escape. Art3mis tells Wade the story of how her dad had died at an IOI Loyalty Centre. She takes him in after the Sixers almost kill him.

They crack the Jade Key riddle and with Aech, Daito and Shoto accompanying them, they travel to the Overlook Hotel and obtain the Jade Key. Art3mis is captured by IOI and put in a loyalty centre and with the help of her friends, she hacks IOI and brings down the shield around the last challenge. Art3mis joins the ensuing battle but Wade kills her avatar, allowing her to escape IOI.

Wade finds the last key and wins the contest. Sorrento attempts to kill him, but he and F'Nale Zandor are arrested. Art3mis and her friends take control of GSS and sign Ogden Morrow up for a non-exclusive consultancy, paying a quarter per his demand. They close down the IOI Loyalty Centres and shut down the OASIS on Tuesdays and Thursdays to make sure that people spend more tie in the real world. She is later seen kissing with Wade in an apartment at the end of the movie.



In the movie, Art3mis carries with her Lawgiver II, an Akira-style bike, and Ellen Ripley's rifle.

Behind the Scenes

Differences from Novel


  • She shares the same last name with her actress, Olivia Cooke.
  • During the fight in the Distracted Globe, Art3mis initially wields Ripley's pulse rifle from Aliens.
  • In the film, Art3mis uses Shotaro Kaneda's bike from Akira, AKA the "Akira bike", as her ride. She states that she loves it, and was grateful after Aech repaired it at his OASIS garage.

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