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Setec Astronomy is a reference to 1992 American comedy/caper film (with science-fiction elements) Sneakers, written by Phil Alden Robinson, Walter Parkes, and Lawrence Lasker. It is also directed by Robinson. The film has an ensemble cast including Robert Redford, Ben Kingsley, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell, and a cameo by James Earl Jones.

The film follows the exploits of Martin Bishop (Redford) and his group of friends/co-workers, a white-hat security team who perform penetration testing on willing clients. The team is approached by members of the NSA who contract them to retrieve a "black box" from a company named Setec Astronomy. After successfully getting the box, the team is relaxing and celebrating. At the same time that "Whistler" (a blind phone phreaker based on elements of Captain Crunch and another man called Joybubbles) discovers that the box is capable of breaking any computer encryption, Bishop realizes that "Setec Astronomy" is an anagram for "too many secrets". While working this out, he also happens upon "Monterey's coast" and "cootys rat semen", discarding both quickly.

Ready Player One History[]

After being contacted by Og, and flown to his private enclave, Wade is shown to a suite of brand-new, high-tech OASIS consoles. In order to log into his the first time, he is given a new pass phrase to speak, made of seemingly random words. "Setec Astronomy" are the last two words of the phrase. He then joins up with the remaining members of the High Five to begin the final run for the Third Gate, and then the Egg.