System Agent Software

System Agent Software is a virtual personal assistant that can be programmed to interface with, run and operate every electronic interface in an individual's possession. In addition to being able to interface with home appliances and vehicles, system agent software can also function as a voice-activated interface with your computer and run certain programs inside the OASIS; such the command center of a player's Player Stronghold or the autopilot of a player's vehicle.

System agent software is highly configurable, with hundreds of preprogrammed personalities to choose from. Wade Watts had programmed his system agent software "Max" to look, sound, and behave like Max Headroom, the computer-generated star of a late-'80's talk show, a ground breaking cyberpunk TV series, and a slew of Coke commercials.


  • In addition to programming "Max" to look like Max Headroom, Wade programmed his system agent software to speak with a slight electronic stutter.
  • Before Max, Wade had his system agent modeled after Erin Gray from Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons. However she proved to be way too distracting so he switched to Max.
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