The Mask is a character from the comics and film series of the same name By Darkhorse Comic. The Mask is the alter ego of Stanley Ipkiss, a lame bank clerk who upon finding a mask owned by the Norse god Loki, god of darkness and mischief is imbued with reality bending powers. With his newly obtained powers Ipkiss tears through Edge City creating cartoon mishief such as turning a balloon animal into a Tommy gun or evading the police through a dance number inspired by the Desi Arnez song "Cuban Pete"

The Mask is characterized by a large set of teeth and a green head. The mask affects the personality of the wearer by removing all social and moral inhibitions, causing the wearer to become insane. The character was inspired by a combination of the Joker and Steve Ditko's version of the Creeper as well as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the original comics, characters who wore the Mask would become dangerous and cruel antiheroes at best or villains at worst with ultra-violent tendencies, even if this was not the wearer's original intention.


  • The Mask is seen in the racetrack scene entering a Porsche 550 Spyder similar to the one owned by James Dean. The Mask likely participated at the Battle of Castle Anorak, where he and many of his OASIS piers, are taken out by the Cataclyst bom.
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