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" Hey, hey! If it isn’t Wade Three! "


Todd, or known under his Ludus username, Todd13 is a minor character who appears as a student in the OASIS Public School #1873 on Ludus. The same school as Wade. He is an obnoxious character who enjoys insulting others. Presumably, Todd is wealthy, as he was able to own a designer skin. He also has a gang of cronies, who Wade refers to as "Cro-Magnon".


Todd attends Algebra II with Wade. He finds his appearance and lack of money amusing. So, during one school day, Todd sarcastically points out that Wade3's outfit is superb. Wade retorts by exclaiming that Todd's mum brought his outfit for him. His friends and peers laugh, causing Todd to feel embarrassed. His face turns red, showing that his real-time emotion feature was enabled.


  • Presumably, there are 13 students, or possibly more with the name "Todd" on Ludus. Students on Ludus were not permitted to use their own username but instead they were called by their first name followed by a number. The number depended on how many students had the same name.

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