Ready Player One Wikia: Rules

1. Be friends to each other. We're all here to celebrate an amazing book and movie. Don't be mean to each other.

2. Don't create articles for characters neither in the book nor the movie. You must provide image proof that a character is in one or both (trailer, scene, chapter reference) before making an article. Uncited articles for characters will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be blocked.

Note that, as per usual for any movie adaptation of a novel, there are several things in the book that are not in the movie for some reason (cut for time or pacing, looks good on the page but wouldn't work in visual media, couldn't get the licence, etc.), and probably vice-versa; hence "not in the book" or "not in the movie" are not valid delete reasons, although "not in book or movie" is.

3. Don't copy and paste information from other sources for an article. This is plagiarism. It's not OK. It's never OK. Plagiarized articles will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be blocked. If you must include content from another source, you must provide the source. Uncited work will be removed.

4. Only upload images and videos relevant to articles. Don't upload images and videos to the Wikia just because you feel like it. That's not OK. Useless images and videos will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be blocked.

5. Don't impersonate other users.

6. Don't create multiple accounts or attempt to circumvent account blocks. Repeat offenders will have all accounts blocked, with possible action taken by Wikia administration in exceptional cases.

7. Images must be uploaded with a meaningful title. If you upload an image for an article, the name of the image should be representative of the article you are depicting. Failure to do so will result in your image being moved or deleted.

8. Remember that this is the READY PLAYER ONE Wiki. It is not a dumping ground for 1980s culture generally, so keep any articles you create or edit to only those details which are relevant to Ready Player One. If a character has an interesting backstory, which is available on another FANDOM wiki, use the {{Origin}} template to link to it.

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