The V8 Interceptor, also known as a Pursuit Special, is a car featured in the sequel to Mad Max; Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. It is Max Rockatansky's (the main character's) vehicle, where he pilots it around and attacking enemies with it.

The Interceptor is based of a 1974 Ford Falcon model, with GT and XB attachment and equipment to it, along with a V8 Engine mounted in the hood of the car.


The V8 Interceptor has a blue coloration, with a V8 engine attached on the hood, with an air dam and headlight covers, and spoiler thrusters in the back of the car.

Role in Ready Player One

The V8 Interceptor is one of the vehicles used in the first challenge: the Copper Key, at the Racetrack. It performs quite good, until the wrecking ball stage, where it was bashed by a ball, where it was sent flying, then flipping before landing back on it's wheels.

It appeared again in the re-race of the challenge, where it performed quite well and better, however, though it was performing good, as passing through the wrecking balls and the gaping jaws of the T-Rex, it failed to pass King Kong, as it was piled up in a slowing IOI car, before all of them got ultimately crushed by the fists of Kong.

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